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Signs Your Range Needs Repair in Round Rock, TX; Stove Burner Not Working & More

We only come to find how much we rely on the stove when it is no longer functioning. Like all other appliances, however, over time they do start to fold. Where some issues can be high safety concerns, others can be an inconvenience, and some can be rather costly to repair. If you can spot the warning signs, you can avoid a lot of issues. With that in mind, we at Texas Appliance Repair Service would like to share some of the signs that your stove is in need of repair.

Signs Range Isn’t Working Properly

Electrical Stove Malfunctions: To avoid running into any surprises down the road, look for signs of electrical issues if you have an electric stove. You may notice power fluctuations that get worse as time passes or the stove may not turn on right, signifying something is not right. Your stove or outlet is having problems you can’t afford to overlook, so if you spot these issues, get them addressed. As soon as you suspect problems, unplug your stove and contact a stove repair expert. Being safe is essential and calling a professional will help you find the problems safely.
Stove Burner Issues: Burners might not turn on right away or some may even not get hot as quickly as they should or at all. A red flag that something is wrong is burners that turn on and heat up for a while but later shut off on their own. Call a professional in for assistance to get these repairs before additional damage ensues.
Smell of Gas from Range: For people can detect a gas leak before it is too late, the gas companies will add an odor to it, because gas is odorless otherwise. If you smell the gas shortly after turning it on, immediately turn it off and call in an expert.
Food that is Undercooked: You know how long it should take to cook your favorite meals, when you start to notice that stove is requiring more time than normal to cook the food, something is off. Longer cooking times mean it’s not getting enough power, whether your stove is gas or electric. Where it might seem tempting to let this issue slide, it does indicate a problem and calling repairs now can prevent costly damages.
Appliance Troubleshooting & Fixing Issues: When looking into professional expertise to help you determine the underlying problems of your stove, whether it is gas or electric, you do not want to pick the first random appliance repair company you come across. Companies that use quality parts, have high standard values, and deliver proficient workmanship is the appliance repair company you need.


Texas Appliance Repair Service possesses these attributes and then some. Our team is well qualified to repair your stove that is manifesting issues. Getting your appliance back to its full potential is our priority and we are consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers. If you are having problems with your stove, or any other appliance, call Texas Appliance Repair Service today and let our elite specialists get your stove operating again.

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