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Common Stove Burner Problems in Austin, TX; Gets Too Hot, Clicking While Off & More

There are several appliances in your home that are used on a regular basis. They are there to make our lives easier and speed up projects that you need to do. In a flick of a switch you have ice being made, or your dishes being washed for you. There are so many benefits to having appliances in your home. The other appliances that help us in life are the ones that are in the kitchen and help you cook food. You can turn on the oven and have heat created to cook your family dinner. The cooktop is another part of the kitchen appliances that people use all the time. The cooktop is a unit that allows you to have heat on the spot which you can accomplish all sorts of cooking feats. When there is a problem with the cooktop it can put a damper on your day. It is a good idea to know what the most common signs are of a problem and what you can do about it.

Texas Appliance Repair Services Lists the Most Common Causes of Stove Burner Failure

Gas Stove Igniter Won’t Spark: When you have a gas stove or cooktop there is a pilot light that is running all the time. There is a small stream of gas that is sent to the light. Then when you turn the gas on for the main burner the pilot light will ignite the cooktop. If this fails to happen and you are not getting your burner to ignite then there is often a problem with the pilot light. It can also be the ignitor or the gas line itself. It is always best when dealing with a gas line to call out an appliance repair shop.
Electric Stove Burner Not Getting Hot Enough: One of the biggest and most common problems that people have with their cooktop is that it will not heat. If you have an electric cooktop you may notice that the burner will not heat up. Each burner should act independently and there is a dial that is associated with each to set it to the heat level you want. You first need to know if a single source it not heating up or if all them are not. If the single burner is the problem then you want to check the connection to the coil and test if that repairs the problem. If it is all the burners you may have a problem with the electrical component that is part of the entire unit. Either of these issues can be addressed by a professional appliance repair service. These issues can prevent the burners from working and many times a new part needs to be purchased and replaced.
Electric Stove Burner Stays on High: When you go to use your cooktop you have the ability to set it for a specific heat level. You can adjust the level of heat by turning the dial one way of the other. When you set the heat level it should adjust but there are times that this won’t happen. You need to be able to adjust so that you can heat food so that is does not burn or under cook. If the heat is not able to adjust there can be a problem with the infinite switch. This can be replaced with a new part.


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