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How to Tell if Garbage Disposal is Bad or Needs Appliance Repairs in Georgetown, TX

Your sink is a very important part of the kitchen. You need to be able to use the sink to get water from the faucet to cook and clean with. You also want to have access to the sink so that you can use it to wash your dishes. The dishes that you use to eat your dinner and other meals often has left over food on them. Most people will walk over to the trash to remove what they can but that does not mean there are not particles of food left over. These bits of food are left on the plate and then end up down the sink. This is a problem for a sink that does not have a method to break down the food. This is where a garbage disposal comes into play. The garbage disposal is a great way to chew up the food that is left behind on your dishes. If it is not chewed up and broken down it will end up being stuck in the pipes and cause a clog. You want to know what the signs are that your garbage disposal is breaking down and in need of replacement.

Texas Appliance Repair Service Lists the Top Signs Your Garbage Disposal is Bad or Needs Repair

Garbage Disposal Making Noise: When the garbage disposal is switched to grind food that has been sent down the drain it should make some noise while the food is being broken down. That should then die down to a humming sound after. The problem that you might have a noise coming from the disposal that sounds like the motor is stuck and trying to run. If you notice the garbage disposal has started to make loud noises when you go to use it there could be a problem that will require replacement.
Garbage Disposal Won’t Drain: The next problem that you might be dealing with is too many clogs. The garbage disposal is not made to grind down your entire dinner but should be able to handle the extra bits that are left behind. The water that is in the sink should never be standing and if there is it can be reduced as soon as you run the disposal. If the sink gets clogged often you may need to have the garbage disposal replaced.
Garbage Disposal Reset Button: If you go and switch the garbage disposal on and there is nothing happening you could have a problem. It can be a problem with the electrical connection but it can be the motor as well. There is usually a reset button on the switch area that can be tripped. You can also need to reset the garbage disposal as well with a key that is often provided. If you are resetting the disposal too often then you may need to replace it. If you are not able to reset it the motor may be dead and the best option is to replace the entire item.


Texas Appliance Repair Service is able to come out and make the necessary repairs to your garbage disposal such as if it is overheating or jamming to save you the cost and hassle of premature replacement. Call today to meet with one of our amazing technicians.

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