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How to Tell if Your Garbage Disposal Motor is Burned Out or in Need of Repair in West Lake Hills, TX

Garbage disposals provide the convenience of easily getting rid of the majority of organic materials inside your home. As long as the garbage disposal is working at its full potential, you can easily save yourself some time and hassle. With routine care, cleaning, and maintenance, your garbage disposal can last quite some time. Recognizing the signs your garbage disposal is in need of professional assistance can also hep towards the cause of making it last as well as avoiding costly major repairs. With that in mind, we at Texas Appliance Repair Service would like to share the common red flags your garbage disposal should be promptly inspected and repaired by a professional.

How to Tell if Garbage Disposal is Bad

1) When in use, abnormal noises occur. A serious malfunction of the motor or other component along with an obstruction in the blade’s gears can cause a number of unusual sounds such as grinding or metallic sounds, or loud clanging sounds. Should any of these sounds start, get a professional to look into the issue sooner than later to prevent further damage.
2) Garbage disposal clogs that reoccur. When the garbage disposal no longer operates at its potential, you may notice standing water that takes an unusual long time to drain, if at all. This is likely due to a clog and a skilled repair man will need to evaluate the situation and diagnose the garbage disposal to determine of the garbage disposal is salvageable or if a replacement is required.
3) Multiple water leaks. A serious problem exists if your garbage disposal or surrounding area is leaking. The cabinets and flooring can be severely damaged from the water seepage. Should you the problem be left unresolved, this problem could even allow for a buildup of mold to evolve. To avoid such effects, call in a professional at first sign of leaks.
4) Powering off completely or needing frequent resets. In the event the garbage disposal loses power, or you need to continually push the reset button to restart your unit, it is either at the end of the lifespan or it is simply to too small. Additionally, the unit can be faced with electrical short or another faulty part that can be a hazard. In any case, calling for a professional is needed to determine the extent of the problem.
5) Chronic odors. Due to the very nature of their purpose, a garbage disposal can develop odors from time to time. Should you notice bad smells coming from the sink, slowly pour a small box of baking soda down the drain as you flush with water. Grinding up citrus peels or pouring vinegar in the sink can also help with any bad odors. If that does not remedy the problem, contact professional so they ca find the underlying issue and get it resolved.

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