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Pros & Cons of Top VS Front Load Washers in Pflugerville, TX; Cleaning Power & More

Front load washers became popular again in the late 90’s, but many homeowners are still trying to decide if they are better than the traditional front load washing machine. Most homes rely heavily on washing machines and buyers always want to get the most out of what they pay for. What are the differences between the two and which one is the best option?

Considerations when Choosing Between Top & Front Load Washers

1. Ease of use. Top load washers save you from bending over, but you can use pedestals to raise them to make it easier to load and unload. Top load washers make it easy to add clothes after the washer has started and they also distribute fabric softener better than front loaders.
2. Wash time. Top load washers wash clothes faster because of the agitator and the fact that clothes are always immersed in water. Keep in mind that some top loaders do use an agitator while other use an impeller. Those with an impeller will wash more clothes faster than those with an agitator and use less water too.
3. Cleaning power. While top load washers are easier on your back, they tend to be rougher on your clothes, more so if the machine is overloaded. Front loaders are easier on your clothes and can wash large items like comforters and pillows better.
4. Price. Front loaders tend to be more expensive because they are more energy efficient and clean better. Front load washers usually rate “excellent” and “very good”, while top load washers rate “poor” and “fair”.
5. Water usage. Consumers second biggest water expense comes from washing machines and the average front load washer uses about 40% less water than top load washers.
6. Installation. Front load washers can be stacked and will take up less space. When vertical space is the only option, then a top load washer is the only choice. Even larger front load washers have the option to be stacked.
7. Spin speed. Front load washers can spin about 34% faster than traditional top load washers. This removes more water from your clothes before they go in the dryer and cuts down on drying time. The faster spin can cause front loaders to vibrate and make noise that many people would like to avoid.
8. Smell/mold. The biggest complaint when it comes to front load washers is the mold that can build up around the rubber gasket on the door. Front load washers will need more maintenance to keep mold and smells at bay. This doesn’t happen with top load washers because gravity pulls water down.

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For the most part, front load washers are better than top load washers. They are more efficient in energy and water use as well as clean better. Front load washers will cost more upfront, but you’ll save money in the long run on your energy bills and your clothes will last longer too. Choosing between a top load and a front load washer is usually a personal choice. Use this list to help you decide and contact Texas Appliance Repair Service to service any appliance you’re having trouble with.

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