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How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running its Best in Westlake, TX to Avoid AC Appliance Repair

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that two-thirds of all homeowners use central air or window units to keep their homes cool. The AC system that keeps your home cool in the summer is a costly and complex unit that needs to be taken care of properly. Otherwise, it can deteriorate much faster than you’d like it to and future repairs will only cost more.

Keep Your AC System Running Effectively & Efficiently

1. Replace air filters. Clogged filters can reduce the efficiency of your system by 5 to 15 percent. The filter inside your home that needs to be replaced as often as needed to keep the system running smoothly. These filters prevent dirt, dust, debris and pollutants from getting in and clogging your system. Your AC system can malfunction if you neglect these filters and allow them to get too dirty/clogged. Leaks and other damage can also occur when filters are clogged. Allergy symptoms can also be eased when filters are changed regularly. Choose higher quality filters that will last longer. There are many sizes of filters so check before you head to the store for a replacement.
2. Exterior maintenance. Your outdoor unit needs to be kept clear of any debris. Dirt, sticks, leaves and other debris can become stuck in the system and can damage it. Yardwork and windstorms can stir up dust and foliage. Check your unit regularly and clear it out any debris that gets stuck. Call professionals to spot any clogs or damage.
3. Clean the AC coils. Your AC system has an indoor evaporator coil and exterior condenser coils. The air filter prevents dirt and other debris from accumulating on the evaporator coils, but some will still buildup over time. This will reduce the airflow and restrict the coils from absorbing heat. The outdoor condenser coils are more prone to getting dirty just because of the environment. To ensure you system is running clean you should clean the coils once a year.
4. Unclog drains. Another part of your AC system are the drain channels. These drains can become clogged with dirt and grime. Any type of blockage can prevent the unit from effectively reducing moisture and humidity. Too much moisture can damage the interior of your home and can discolor walls and carpet. You can remove buildup up by running something through the drains to unclog them.

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These are steps you can take on your own, but if you’re ever in doubt about anything with your AC system it’s best to call professionals. Maintenance is great and recommended, but sometimes it can’t be fixed or isn’t cost effective. Professionals can let you know if continued repairs just aren’t cost effective anymore. It might be time to have a new unit installed for more efficiency and to save you money. Take care of your AC system and it will take care of you! Texas Appliance Repair Service offers air conditioning repair services to keep your home comfortable this summer. Give us a call today!

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