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Fridge Leaking Water Inside, Underneath & More in River Place, TX; Refrigerator Appliance Repair

Do you have water leaking from the bottom of your home’s refrigerator? This could be due to a handful of different problems; from a faulty refrigerator, bad ice maker or water dispenser lines. In most cases it can be a serious problem which needs immediate attention. Texas Appliance Repair Service will share the common causes for a refrigerator to leak water from the bottom.

Why is My Refrigerator Leaking Water on the Floor?

Defrost Drain – If there is a blockage at the defrost drain this can lead to water leaking from the bottom of the refrigerator. This is also one of the more common problems for leaks. The very small drain opening can easily get blocked by ice, food or dirt that accumulated near the drain. During the defrosting cycle, as the water drips down and the drain is blocked, leaking will occur and water will typically come running out of the bottom. You can use an old wire hanger to poke around the drain clearing any blockages.
Drain Pan – Not very common but does occasionally happen is when the drainage pan at the bottom of a refrigerator can develop a crack where water will leak out. The drain pan is designed to capture the small amount of water that often occurs on the condenser fan. The water is collected in the drain pan. However if the pan is broken, water will escape. To determine if this is the cause, examine the drain pan. Look for cracks or signs water is leaking from the pan. If the drain pan is damaged those can easily be replaced.
Ice Maker – There is a water line that goes to the ice maker, obviously to supply the ice marker with ice to freeze. These lines, over time, can develop cracks, splits or the seal can erode away. As a result, water will pool underneath the refrigerator, the plastic hoses can also get damaged or get kinked which–under the pressure–can cause water to crack these hose and begin to leak water. To correct this problem you will need to replace the hose and water lines. It is also recommended you replace the connector to ensure the water is properly sealed. Make sure all of the water lines are tightened down and have a good seal.
Water Filter – If there is a poor connection to the filter, the water supply hose can leak at the connecting points. However, the water filter may be installed improperly or is the wrong size, or model. If the housing seal is getting old this too can cause the water to leak near the filter. Start by examining the filter and the housing assembly. If you see signs that water is leaking which can easily be seen running down the side of the filter then the leak is caused by the filter. Remove and replace the filter and reseal the filter’s connection adapters. Make sure to use the correct filter when replacing it or it won’t fit correctly and will continue to leak.

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