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How to Tell if Garbage Disposal Needs Repair in Austin, TX; Leaks, Clogs, Smells, Noises & More

An added convenience of getting rid of organic waste materials inside your home is provided by garbage disposals. You can save a lot of time and hassle with the daily kitchen duties as long as this important appliance is operating at its full potential. There is some essential care and maintenance that can ensure your disposal is fully functioning, however, if you can recognize the signs your garbage disposal is failing; you can get a professional quickly. We at Texas Appliance Repair Service would like to list some of the common red flags your garbage disposal needs professional repair.

How to Fix Garbage Disposal Humming, Water Leaks & Other Problems Requiring Repair

1) Garbage Disposal Water Leak. When there is water leakage stemming from the garbage disposal, it indicates a problem. Additionally, your cabinets and flooring can be seriously damaged from the water seeping out of the garbage disposal. This problem could even allow for a buildup of mold to evolve if the problem is left unresolved. To avoid additional issues, when you first notice any water leakage, contact a skilled professional to inspect and repair your garbage disposal unit.
2) Garbage Disposal Reset Button Keeps Coming Out or No Power. The garbage disposal is either too small or it has come to the end of its lifespan and has worn out and no longer capable of handling everyday loads if the garbage disposal loses power or you need to continually push the reset button to restart your unit. Another issue could also lie with the motor having an electrical short or another faulty part that can be a hazard. If you are experiencing this issue, you need am appliance repair technician coming to your San Antonio home as soon as possible to assess the issue and make the repairs or recommend a new unit promptly.
3) Garbage Disposal Smells. Garbage disposals can easily develop odors because of the nature of their function. If it happens occasionally, running a small box of baking soda or even some citrus peels can often clear up the odors. However, of odors worsen or do not seem to dissipate, the source of the smell will need to be identified by a professional to properly neutralize the stench.
4) Loud Garbage Disposal Noises & Sounds. Something trapped in the blades or a serious malfunction of the motor or other component could be producing the sounds of any loud clanging, grinding or metallic sounds during normal use. Contact a professional to get the matter resolved and do not use the unit until it is repaired.
5) Garbage Disposal Clogs & Won’t Drain. Your garbage disposal is no longer functioning at peak efficiency if you are noticing standing water due from clogs and obstructions frequently. A repair technician can give you a diagnosis and discuss the best solution; whether the unit can be repaired or should be replaced.


When your garbage disposal is not operating at its full potential, you need the help of a qualified professional to determine the cause and make the necessary repairs. With Texas Appliance Repair Service, we can ensure your garbage disposal is properly diagnosed and make the repairs to make run efficiently. Call us today for repairs!

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