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Signs Your Freezer is Dying or Broken & Needs Emergency Appliance Repairs in Lakeway, TX

Freezers play just as an important role in our lives as refrigerators do. They can store food for long periods of time and other commodities. When the freezer isn’t working correctly or at all, it can be more than an inconvenience. Getting the repairs promptly is essential before the hundreds of dollars’ worth of food spoils and you endure other negative impacts. We at Texas Appliance Repair Service have compiled a list of warning signs that indicate the freezer requires a professional for repairs.

How to Tell if Freezer is Dying or Broken

1) Your freezer is emitting abnormal sounds. Strange sounds is never a good indicator and when you first noticed it, call a professional because it isn’t going to fix itself. The compressor is likely wearing out if you hear thumping sounds. The freezer’s fan may need replacing id you are hearing squealing. In any case, a professional can quickly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs to get the freezer in working order.
2) An unexplained increase in your utility bills. Your freezer is typically a reliable appliance as you come to count on it operating 24 hours a day, every day year-round. When it is not working properly however, you may notice an unexplained spike on your energy bill. Where this issue can account for many different appliances, especially when it concerns your HVAC system, the freezer could be using more electricity to keep up with the demand, resulting in a higher bill. It will usually be in conjunction with other issues happening with your freezer, but getting it fixed will spare you the added cost on your energy bill and ensure your freezer is working accordingly.
3) Freezer isn’t freezing efficiently. If your food is not freezing, you need an expert to determine why. A buildup in frost, water that is pooling inside the freezer, or food that is only partially frozen are all signs the freezer is not freezing they it should be. A faulty thermostat may be the source of the problem a leak in the ice maker’s supply hose, a failing compressor, or even a clogged drain are other culprits, but no matter the problem, a professional can easily find the problem and make the repairs.
4) The motor of the freezer is continually running. So that the freezer can maintain its temperature, the motor that powers it should turn off and on intermittently. Your freezer likely has a problem that requires immediate attention providing that the motor is constantly running. Having it repaired quickly can extend the life of the freezer and ensure the efficiency during its life.

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Unless you have experience or knowledge working with freezers, you should always hire a professional to make the repairs or you can inadvertently make the problems worse and make the warranty invalid. When your freezer is not performing to its full potential, contact the experts of Texas Appliance Repair Service and let our experienced technicians diagnose and repair your freezer.

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