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Warning Signs of Furnace Failure & Heating Appliance Repairs are Needed in Sunset Valley, TX

Appliances can be temperamental. One moment they are seemingly fine, until they cease to function. Where sometimes it truly is out of the blue, there can also be red flags that your appliance is in need of repair. With regular maintenance and getting the repairs done as they occur, you can prolong your appliances years beyond their life expectancy. Today, we at Texas Appliance Repair Service would like to share some of the red flags that your furnace, specifically is in need of repairs.

How Do You Know if Your Furnace is Broken

1) Furnace pilot light discoloration: It is important to check the pilot light regularly the pilot light equipped on the pilot light. A blue flame is a healthy light that should stay consistent. An indication that carbon monoxide is present is when the pilot light changes to a yellow. The furnace needs immediate repair in this instance. Promptly turn off the furnace if the flame is yellow and have a professional inspect for the production of carbon monoxide. Tasteless, odorless, and invisible, carbon monoxide is a major hazard.
2) Inefficient furnace: Furnaces that continually have issues working efficiently consistently will not work for long. Poor wiring, malfunctioning pilot light, and inoperable fan motor are the primary causes for an inefficient furnace but there can be many reasons as to why the furnace is faulty.
3) Abnormal sounds from furnace: Most furnaces operate quietly and any groaning, whining, whistling, banging, or other unusual noises suggest there is something amiss with the furnace. The less damage can be done the sooner repairs are made which ultimately saves money.
4) Unusually high energy bills: Your utility bill not reflecting the average normal, but higher costs can be an indication the furnace is bad, especially if any other issues occur. The more energy is used if your furnace is struggling to run. Not only are you paying for wasted energy, but the furnace is not performing correctly.
5) Chronic health problems: If not properly cared for and maintained, furnaces can produce dust, mold, and harmful gasses. People can experience induced allergies, asthma attacks, and flu-like symptoms in the event these harmful contaminates reach your air ducts.
6) Insufficient warm temperatures: When your home feels a little nippy and you can’t get the warmth you want, it can be the thermostat, pilot light, or leaky air ducts. The best solution is getting a professional to assess the issue.
7) Old furnaces: Depending on the quality or maintenance invested in, a well-maintained furnace can be expected to run fluidly for anywhere from 10-20 years. The wear and tear occur as they age. Anything over 10 years old should be carefully evaluated and observed to take care of the wear and tear. Repairs can be an option but when they get to be frequent, a replacement might be the better option.


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