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Microwave Problems in Bee Cave, TX; Not Heating, Buttons Not Working, Won’t Turn Off & More

Each and every appliance in your house adds convenience and comfort to your home. We do not know about you but here at Texas Appliance Repair Service we are so grateful that we live in a day and age where there are so many appliances on the market to help make our life easier. One of the most popular used kitchen appliances is the microwave. Heating up food quickly is so easy with a microwave. What happens if our microwave stops working? There are some common problems that arise with microwaves that we want to address today.

Microwave Not Heating

A common problem with microwaves is that they stop heating. Microwaves use a magnetron and high voltage to produce the frequency needed to heat food. If the magnetron burns out it will need to be replaced. Magnetrons are not repairable. To prevent your magnetron from burning out make sure that no one turns on your microwave when it is empty.

Some Buttons on Microwave Not Working

Your microwave has a touchpad on it that you use each time you want to turn your microwave on. There is a membrane switch that may be out if your touchpad quits working. The membrane switch is made up of soft touch electrical switches which are two layers of Mylar plastic with conductive coatings on the sides that face each other. If the conductive coating on your membrane switch wears out from repeated use it will need to be replaced.

Microwave Runs and Then Shuts Off

Many people get frustrated when their microwave starts and then stops after a few seconds. This could be caused from a faulty door switch, failed transformer, defective touch pad, or a faulty fan motor.

Microwave Won’t Turn Off

On the opposite end of the previous problem, some microwaves will simply not stop running. You turn the microwave on to cook your food and then it just does not stop running. This could be a sign that the door interlock switch or the smart board may need to be repaired.

Microwave Making Grinding or Rattling Noise

Sometimes your microwave will start making an unusual noise. The cause of the unusual noise could be caused by a multitude of different things. You will want to check the drive motor, magnetron, drive coupler, roller guide, high voltage diode, and the cooling fan.

Microwave Turntable Not Turning

Every microwave has a spinning plate in it that helps your food rotate as the microwave runs to that your food will cook evenly. Most of the time this is caused be a burned motor. Motors are very simple to replace. If the motor is not the reason it could be the main control board.

Microwave Sparking & Popping

If your microwave is sparking inside people automatically think that your microwave is a goner. This is not always the case. Possible reasons that this could be happening is a damaged wave guide cover, diode burn, damaged rack support, or worn out paint from the inside walls.


If your microwave is experiencing any of the problems listed above or any other problem, give Texas Appliance Repair Service a call today. We can come out and let you know if your microwave can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

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