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My Refrigerator is Making a Buzzing, Gurgling, Rattling or Popping Noise in Allen, TX

It seems like if you have an appliance there are times that they are going to make some level of noise. The interesting thing is that the noises your appliances are making can be a sign that there is a problem. There are other signs that you can use to determine if the appliance is not in working condition. If you start to have problems with your appliance it is a good idea to have it inspected and of course repaired. It is a good idea to know what noises mean you have a problem and which one are likely just the normal course of use.

Texas Appliance Repair Service Spotlights Common Refrigerator Noises

Dripping Noise: If you in the kitchen and you notice that there is sound like water that is dripping it might be a normal sound. The dripping will occur when the refrigerator is trying to defrost. The ice that is being defrosted has to go somewhere and that drips in a pan that is under the fridge. The other way that you might hear water dripping is when the ice maker is filling back up. The water has to fill the tray and you may hear the water running.
Humming Noise: If you start to hear on occasion that the refrigerator is giving off a humming sound it is often from the refrigerant. This is what will help to cool the air and has to be circulated. When the motor clicks on to circulate the refrigerant it can make a sound that is much like humming. It is fairly quiet but if it starts to get loud it can be a problem.
Knocking Noise: This is not the same kind of crash that you hear when a car is in an accident but a much quieter one. The crash is heard in the freezer portion of the unit. It will happen when the ice maker has made the ice, froze it and then drops it in the ice bucket. This will make a sound that is a crash and might sound like a problem but it is not.
Whistling Noise: When you purchase a new refrigerator it will need time to break in. During that time you may notice some noises that might cause concern. One is if the unit starts to make a sound that is similar to a whistle. This is usually from the gasket that helps to secure the door when it is shut. It helps to keep the cold in and the heat out. The gasket should be soft and pliable and often a new unit will have a gasket that is a little harder. After a few days of using the refrigerator it should soften enough so the whistling sounds subsides.


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