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Microwave Oven Care & Maintenance in Austin TX; Cleaning, Door Latch & Electrical Wiring Problems

The microwave in your kitchen has come a long way from where its origins began; back in 1947 the first commercial microwave went on sale for $5000. An insane amount of money for a concept that wasn’t totally understood by the general public. The “Radar Range” was almost five feet tall and weighed seven hundred and fifty pounds. The first commercial microwave was not a popular selling item, given the extremely high price of the product and its size. Today over 90% of American homes include a microwave, they come in various sizes and colors to fit in any kitchen. While most of us pay little attention to our microwaves, assuming they will last forever, it is important to take steps to ensure the functionality of your microwave.

Keep your Microwave Oven Clean

Appliances that are poorly cared for will perform poorly, and that includes your microwave. The first step to take in caring for your microwave is to keep it clean. A microwave may be one of the dirtiest appliances in your kitchen, enduring spills from over flowing bowls, spattered sauces and other foods that occupy the microwave oven. Spills, splatters and melted cheeses that are not cleaned up immediately after they occur can be extremely difficult to remove from the inside of your microwave. Some foods can turn into what seems like cement when you finally decide to scrub the inside out. Exhaust vents on your microwave can also accumulate a great deal of grease and gunk, so be sure to clean those vents off for the best results. Keep your microwave clean all of the time. Get in the habit of wiping it down after every use to avoid a buildup of gunky food and grime.

Microwave Door Latch Problems

The door latch on your microwave is one of the more important components, as it keeps all the radiation secured within the appliance. Check the latch on your microwave door to make sure it is closing and latching properly. When your microwave door is closed, pull the handle to make sure the door cannot open freely, without hitting the latch release. If your microwave door is not closing properly, do not use your microwave until you have had a professional come look at your door latch and it has been properly repaired.

Microwave Oven Electrical Wires

Check your microwaves electrical wires. If any wires are exposed or coming out of the microwave in places that they should not, unplug your microwave and contact a professional to take a look at the wires. Only operate your microwave when it is totally safe to do so.

Professional Appliance Repair Service

If your microwave is in need of repair, contact Texas Appliance Repair to get your microwave working properly again.

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