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Dishwasher Preventative Maintenance & Appliance Repair Tips in Round Rock Texas

Anyone who has ever had a dishwasher knows how luxurious the heavenly piece of machinery is. It saves us time by cleaning, sanitizing and drying those dishes. Large families feel the benefit even more so. Anyone who has had a dishwasher also knows the terrible and loathsome inconvenience it can be to have that dishwasher break down. Usually doesn’t happen too often, but recurrently enough to be a nuisance.

Dishwasher Inspection & Preventative Maintenance Tips

Ignorantly enough, most don’t take the time inspect and maintain that wonderful piece of machinery. Most are guilty in taking it for granted, believing it will always be available and ready to go every time we load and start the dishwasher.

Texas Appliance Repair has prepared the following tips to give your dishwasher a longer life:

Clean the Dishwasher Filter – Usually the seasoned dishwasher loader has a good sense to get the food debris free of dishes before loading it up. However, even the most avid loader can miss some food particles. Those crumbs will never fail to find the way into the filter. Yes, for those pinching your eyebrows in confusion, there is indeed a filter on every dishwasher. This filter is usually found near the floor of the appliance, making it easily reached, and cleaning it simple. Sometimes the food debris can cause damage along with neglect. If the filter does get damaged, it’s a good idea to get it replaced.

Inspect Water Jets – Water jet orifices are another facet of the dishwasher appliance that needs to be inspected every now and then. Over time minerals and food debris can build around the jets. One can usually tell if these little guys get clogged up due to dishes not looking picture perfect. Cleaning is simple; take warm water with a little dish soap added and with a rag scrub out each water jet hole to ensure they are doing their job. If properly cleaned every few months, you can avoid the headache of removing the extreme built up mineral deposit.

Look For Cracks in Rubber Seals – If you notice water on the floor, it could be due to cracks in the rubber seals. To avoid this it is prudent to make sure that rubber seals look new all the time. Open the door to the appliance, and wipe down the seals with warm soapy water. Keeping those seals looking like new will prolong their use in keeping water in the dishwasher. If after examination there is still a water leakage, it could be in the hoses leading into your homes drainage system. It is recommended to contact a professional from Texas Appliance Repair to inspect these hoses as they can be temperamental.

Check Dishwasher Feet – A dishwasher is equipped with adjustable feet to keep the appliance level. Over time however, they can get out of alignment and your dishwasher may not be sitting in its nest accurately. Grab a hand level with dishwasher open, you can check its balance and adjust if necessary. Most are not comfortable with this foreign duty. If you find you are one of them a Texas Appliance Repair technician can assist you among other services.

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Just as tune ups and oil changes will extend the life of your vehicle, simple cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher appliance will keep it running well – at least for a while. Just like with your vehicle, sometimes appliance repairs are a part of life and are unavoidable. Instead of falling victim to a pushy sales guy, let our specialists help you get that appliance running. Texas Appliance Repair offers many services to keep you and your dishwasher happy.

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