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How to Know when Microwave is Going Bad in Sunset Valley, TX; Not Heating & More

In today’s society we can hardly imagine life without some of the modern technology that we have. We are lucky to live in a day and age with smart phones, computers, air conditioning, microwaves, cars and more. Can you even imagine living without all of those things? Sometimes we are forced to live without some of those items when they quit working and need to be repaired or replaced. We do not realize how much we rely on them until we do not have them. One item that we sometimes do not realize how much we rely on is the microwave. Clearly we CAN live without our microwaves but we would definitely have to readjust a few things. Until 1945 there was no such thing as a microwave. The microwave was actually invented on accident by Percy Spencer. It was not until the 1970’s that the average home in the United States had a microwave in it. Today you rarely see a house without one!

Symptoms of Microwave Problems

Microwaves were not built to last forever though. Eventually your microwave will need to be replaced. Many people will try to put off purchasing a new microwave until they absolutely have to. What are some signs that you just need to bite the bullet and replace it?
• When you are using your microwave and it smokes, sparks, or has a burning smell you need to have it replaced immediately. You do not want to risk starting a house fire with your microwave.
• One of the largest problems with microwaves is that they stop heating up your food all the way. People use the microwave because of its ability to heat food quickly. If you constantly have to heat your food for longer because your microwave is not cooking it all the way that is extremely frustrating.
• When your microwave is cooking your food it always has a little sound to it. If that sound starts to get loud or becomes a grinding, buzzing, or rattling noise that is not good. Many times a simple repair fixes this problem though.
• When you shut your microwave door it needs to seal properly in order to function safely. If the seal on your door is cracked, severely worn, or broken you will want to take a look at replacing the seal or your entire microwave.
• Over time many people will complain that the keypad on their microwave does not work anymore. IF you cannot use the keypad to punch in the cook time, power setting, or press start your microwave will not be too useful.

Microwave & Other Appliance Repairs in Cedar Park, Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, West Lake Hills, Manor, Sunset Valley, Bee Cave, Manchaca & Georgetown, Texas

If you are experiencing any of these problems you may be trying to decide if you should repair your microwave or replace it. Texas Appliance Repair Service offers microwave repairs. Before you spend the money on a whole new microwave give us a call and let us come out and see if we can get it fixed for you.

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