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What Are The Most Common Central Air Conditioning Appliance Problems in Austin TX & How Can you Repair them?

Using your air conditioner and heater has become an essential part of keeping a home livable. Most people feel like they need their air conditioning unit working well and efficiently in order to have a home feel comfortable and that is often times true. Before A/C was invented, houses were manufactured much differently and were made to allow air flow to go through the home so they did not retain heat. Now homes are made with the intention that you will have a central or swamp cooling system to help keep the home at a temperature that is comfortable. If the air conditioning unit starts to go out or stops working efficiently this can be a problem that needs to be fixed or repaired right away.

Texas Appliance Repair lists the most common problems with air conditioning units and who to call to have them repaired.

Air Conditioning Wiring has Gone Bad: This can happen when the unit has been installed or it can go bad over time. The wiring needs to be installed correctly and have the right amount of insulation to be sure that they are not susceptible to the conditions around them. If they have not been installed right they can begin to go out. If they go bad because the unit has not been maintained properly it can also cause the unit to stop working all together. No matter the reason that the wires have stopped working the repairs should be done by a professional that can be sure that it is done safely.

The Refrigerant has Gone Out
: The refrigerant that is used to keep the cooling part of the unit working is also known as Freon. It is a chemical that when used facilitates the coils to cool that will then cool the actual air that is sent through the home. Some units can begin to leak Freon or refrigerant and that can cause the air to not get cool and the unit to work inefficiently. If you are in need of having your A/C recharged with new refrigerant you most likely have a leak that needs to be addressed and repaired by a professional such as Texas Appliance Repair.

The Fan Stops Working: When you are cooling down your home the heated air needs to be sent out of the home. This is part of the job that the outside fan does. It makes sure that the hot air moves out of the unit and into the air outside. When it stops working it can cause that air to accumulate and that will overheat other elements of the unit that can lead to a bigger problem.

If you are having any trouble with your air conditioning unit or any other appliances, call Texas Appliance Repair in CEDAR PARK, AUSTIN, ROUND ROCK, GEORGETOWN, FRISCO, ALLEN, PLANO, SAN ANTONIO AND DALLAS TEXAS today!

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