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Washing Machine Making Loud Banging, Grinding, Knocking & Other Noises in Cedar Park, TX?

Doing laundry is something that has to be done on a regular basis. Whether you are single or you have a large family, laundry is something that can get out of hand. That is why having a washing machine and a dryer that is in top working condition is important. The washing machine is something that has to be cared for and can potentially start to have problems. One of the problems that people tend to have with their washing machine is when they start to make noise when they are running. The machine is supposed to something that should be able to wash your clothes without making too much sound at all. When you start to notice anything from loud thumping to ticking there can be a bigger problem.

Texas Appliance Repair Service Outlines Why Washing Machine is Making a Loud Noise

Washing Machine Motor is Bad: One of the problems that could be causing your washing machine to make noise is due to a motor problem. If the noise is happening when the cycle is spinning it can be from the couplings on the motor. The coupling is used as a connection point so that the motor and the transmission can get the cycle to spin. The coupling can actually start to wear down over time and this will cause the loud noise. If this happens you want to make sure that you have it repaired before it causes any further damage. You may need to have the entire motor replaced if there is more than a coupling or connection problem.
Broken Washing Machine Shock Absorbers: The washing machine is supposed to be quiet and the way that it does that is by having shock absorbers. This is installed in the machine so that the tub that is actually spinning around does not make contact with the outside of the machine. When they are damaged and or broken the tub will hit the side of the machine and it will cause loud banging sounds.
Washing Machine Bearings Go Out: The washing machine has an inner tub that is supposed to spin. This is part of the process is needed to remove the excess water from the laundry before it is placed in the dryer. The spin cycle can become a problem when it is not able to spin evenly. The tub will be turning in bearings that can be found inside the machine. When the bearings are a problem or are damaged the tub will not be able to spin evenly and this will cause it to have a wobble. The wobble is what will cause some noise to occur during the spin cycle.
Washing Machine Pump Belt Needs Replacing: If the sound that you are getting from the washing machine is more of a loud screeching it can be from a belt that has been worn out. There is belt that is supposed to help with the draining mechanism. The belt gets loose and this will cause the excess areas of the belt to screech. You want to make sure that the belt is replaced if that is the problem.


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