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Tips for Refrigerator Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting Checklist to Avoid Costly Appliance Repairs in Cedar Park TX

Appliances are always in need of proper treatment and care. Simply taking the time to see that they are properly maintained can extend their functioning life and reduce repairs. Refrigerators are an important appliance to have in the home, and one of the more pricey commodities. Refrigerators work harder than most appliances due to their functioning needs of working 24/7. If a refrigerator malfunctions, it could increase power bills, ruin structure around the refrigerator, and spoil food. Keeping your refrigerator in working order is essential for high efficiency and long life.

Texas Appliance Repair would like to give you a few tips on keeping your refrigerator well managed.

Clean condenser coils twice a year. Every 6 months the coils behind or underneath the refrigerator will accrue dust and debris which needs to be cleaned for proper functioning. Unplug the refrigerator as the coils are heated during use. They are large, radiator-like coils. If the coils are located in the rear, pull out the fridge, and vacuum out the dust and debris. Keep in mind when using attachments, bristle brush works best, to get as much of the nooks and crannies cleaned as possible. If the coils are underneath, pull off the grille covering and vacuum accordingly.

Keep the temperature monitored. The temperature should be kept between 37-40 degrees. Warm food collects the cool air. To keep the temperature regulated, avoid opening the doors too much and allow warm leftovers to cool to room temperature before adding to the fridge. Putting warm food in the fridge causes warm temperature spikes, making your fridge work harder to cool things down at the designated temperature. Temperature gauges with a dial and number selection from 1-5 are unreliable. Use a temperature monitor, or sensor to better manage the correct temperature.

Don’t neglect door gaskets. It’s common for the rubber gasket or door seals to deteriorate or become loose. Make sure they are functioning and cool air isn’t leaking out. Keep the gaskets clean every 3 months with warm soapy water.

Weekly interior cleaning. Wash the interior of your fridge with warm soapy water. Clean handles, shelves, drawers and door slots thoroughly. Make sure they are free from crumbs, stick residues and other spills. Adding a small box of baking soda can absorb pungent odors, so other edibles do not collect the odor.

Avoid opening the fridge during power outages. When your home loses power, your fridge’s temperature will slowly rise. Keeping your fridge doors closed will help your fridge in keeping the cool air in, caring for your edibles.

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