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Stove, Oven & Range Problems in Frisco TX; Delayed Ignition, Smells Like Kerosene, Makes Noises When Turned Off. You May Need Emergency Appliance Repair!

A Gas Oven in the Kitchen Provides a Higher Level of Efficiency for Cooking and Baking

A gas oven has many benefits when it comes to baking and cooking. Gas ovens are faster, cook more evenly and cost less to operate. While a gas oven is more efficient, it still can run into a handful of problems that you should become familiar with to avoid potential danger and damage. If you have recently moved into a home, it is a good idea to have your appliances thoroughly inspected by a professional from Texas Appliance Repair to make sure the appliances are in good working order. Texas Appliance Repair will inspect your gas oven to ensure that is working properly and is safe to use.

Beware of Delayed Ignition on Your Gas Oven

One of the benefits of a gas oven is the ability to turn the heat on and off very quickly, unlike an electric range that takes quite some time to cool down. Unfortunately, even sometimes after you ignite your gas oven, it can take a while before it properly operates. Delayed ignition may be caused by blocked ignition ports. It is important to have a professional from Texas Appliance Repair to examine your gas oven. A Texas Appliance Repair professional will be able to determine if the ignition port is clogged and they can fix the problem for you. Delayed ignition has the potential to cause a fire or an explosion; this could damage the oven glass viewing pane and other internal parts. If you believe your oven is having issues with delayed ignition, contact Texas Appliance Repair immediately.

Gas Stove Smells Like Gar When Turned On or Off

If your oven emits a gas odor when in use, something is seriously wrong with your oven. In most cases it is defective gas valves that will cause gas emissions. In some cases gas valves open up too soon and do not allow the gas ignition to reach the correct temperature. When the temperature and the valve ignition do not properly synchronize up, this will result in a gas leak. A gas odor can also be cause by damaged gas valves. Any gas odor that is occurring inside of your home must be addressed immediately for you and your families own safety. If left unchecked, a gas leak will cause a fire or explosion. Leaking gas is also responsible for gas poisoning which can be fatal.

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If you are experiencing problems with your gas oven or any other major appliances, contact Texas Appliance Repair today.

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