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Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Manchaca, TX; Loud Noises, Heating Inefficiency & More

Most appliances will eventually deteriorate and with the moving parts, wear is to be expected. Whether they cease to work altogether or have insufficiencies, there are typically red flags that offer a bit of warning to the owner a professional is needed for repairs. As the winter approaches, we come to depend on the furnace to make the temperatures comfortable. Though Texas does not typically have severe winters like other parts of the country, we still need the furnace to keep warm and being without it can be unpleasant and even dangerous. Today, we at Texas Appliance Repair Service would like to share signs your furnace requires immanent repairs.

Signs of Furnace Problems

1) Abnormal Furnace Noises: Furnaces are not typically loud when they function. Any unusual sounds groaning, banging, whining, whistling, or other unusual sounds is an indication you need professional repairs. Getting these repairs sooner rather than later can prevent further damage and potentially reduce the repair costs.
2) High Utility Bills: Utility bills are increasingly higher than normal points to a furnace that is not performing efficiently. More energy is being used when a furnace struggles to function and in other instances. Seeing an increasingly higher utility bill is likely pointing to a problem with the furnace.
3) Health Problems: If not properly cared for and maintained, furnaces have the capability to produce dust, mold, and harmful gasses. People can experience allergy and asthma triggers, and flu-like symptoms with these issues when the furnace is responsible for these manifestations.
4) Heating Inefficiency: In the event you seem to have a problem maintaining continual warm air, no matter how often you adjust the thermostat, the furnace can be hindered with a faulty pilot light, a bad thermostat, or leaky air ducts.
5) Pilot Light Discoloration: You should check on the pilot light regularly because the flame should stay blue. Should the pilot flame transition to yellow, that indicates carbon monoxide poisoning being released into your home and not only do you need professional repairs, but you need medical attention and experts to ensure the home is safe. Make sure the immediately turn the furnace off it you ever see the pilot flame yellow and call for assistance. Keep in mind that carbon monoxide is a poison gas that is tasteless, odorless, and invisible and there is no telling how long you and your family was exposed to it.
6) Furnace Problems: Furnaces can be temperamental, going from not working at all, or not working well if it does power up. Poor wiring, malfunctioning pilot light, and inoperable fan motor are the primary causes for a faulty furnace are just a few examples as to why the furnace is not cooperating.
7) Old Furnace Age: For anywhere from 10-20 years, a well-maintained furnace can run efficiently, depending on the quality of the furnace and maintenance services. However, as a furnace ages, repairs become more frequent. Any furnace over 10 years that has needed more than two repairs in the last two years should be replaced.

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