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Refrigerator Problems & Solutions; Fridge Not Keeping Cold Enough, Gasket Not Sealing & Faulty Thermostats in Frisco TX

With football season in full swing, hosting parties and get-togethers to cheer for your favorite team is an enjoyable time to spend with family and friends. Reaching into your refrigerator and grabbing a cold drink to enjoy makes watching the game even more enjoyable. Unfortunately, not all fridges are great at keeping your beverages perfectly chilled for game time. This can be an embarrassing situation if you are the host for the big game, and a disappointment for those who are in attendance. There are signs that your fridge will give to let you know it may need some TLC or that it is on its way out. Look out for these signs so when you are hosting a party, you won’t be left with warm soda and unhappy guests.

Refrigerator Not Keeping Cold Enough

If you notice that the items in your fridge do not feel quite as cool as they normally do, you may be experiencing a few different problems. Make sure you dust off the condenser coils to prevent dust build up and the overheating that will occur when your fridge is working overtime. Carefully unplug your fridge, and use a long coil brush to clean off any debris. It is always a good idea to pull your fridge out from the wall and clean behind it each month; this will help prevent any build up of dust, dirt and grime.

How to Reseal a Refrigerator Door When Gasket is Worn

Another reason your fridge may not be as cool as it can be is if your refrigerator door seal is broken. If you have a broken or worn out seal, warm air can push its way into your fridge, causing it not to cool properly. You can prevent this from occurring by replacing your old, worn out seal with a new seal, keeping all that is inside of your fridge properly and thoroughly chilled.

Faulty Refrigerator Thermostats

It is surprising at how many people fail to check the thermostat in their refrigerator. A faulty thermostat can turn your milk into cheese if you are not careful. Make sure that the thermostat in your fridge is set correctly, usually anywhere from thirty eight to forty degrees will keep your food appropriately cooled and safe to eat. Try to avoid changing the temperature on your thermostat often. Your fridge will work more efficiently if you keep the temperature the same and not constantly change the set degree number.

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