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In today’s modern world, most homes have an array of appliances and gadgets that keep our lives up to par in high technological advances. With these commodities most folks live pretty convenient lives. But when just one of our appliances has a simple malfunction, it could make our day a little rough.

Texas Appliance Repair Service would like to offer a few quick fixes that can help common appliance problems.

1. Garbage Disposal Repair. Everyone has experienced a garbage disposal that has had to work overtime and has switched off in the middle of running, without finishing its appointed task. The problem that has transpired more often than not, is it has overheated. Especially so if you run the garbage disposal with hot water. Simply allow time for your garbage disposals motor to cool off. Once it has cooled down, hit the reset switch found underneath garbage disposal. If you notice a hum, but the blades do not spin, something might have become lodged, preventing the blades from rotating. Turn the garbage disposal off, and using a special garbage disposal wrench, work the debris free from the blades.
2. Refrigerator Troubleshooting & Repair. If you notice that your refrigerator has called in sick on a particularly hot day, and you have furry pets skittering your home, check the coils first. When the pros arrive, that is the first thing we check. With a buildup of pet hair or fur, the coils heat up and once the temperatures exceed its limit, the refrigerator will shut down. Utilizing a brush designed for refrigerator coils, clean the coils thoroughly. The coils are found underneath the fridge, exposed by removing the grille. If not there, the coils are behind the fridge. Simply pull the fridge out to get to the back. Keeping the coils clean routinely will enhance efficiently and contribute to saving money on your utility bill. Once the coils have become clean, the fridge will often cool off and reset itself.
3. Gas Stove Oven Repair. The pesky pilot light won’t cooperate. The usual suspect is a buildup of food residue, for example the spaghetti sauce that boiled over that wasn’t completely cleaned up. Retrieve the toothbrush used for cleaning around the house, and scrub away the crust that has layered over the igniter.
4. Washer Repair Troubleshooting. When the washing machine rocks, you wonder if it has become possessed by an unholy demon. No need to fret, more than likely the only adjustment needed is to level out the legs. Make the necessary adjustments. If it persists, make sure you have loaded the machine evenly. Sometimes a pile of laundry is over filled in one area; load the washer as evenly as you can.
5. Dryer Repair. When the load of laundry refuses to dry, even after two or three cycles, the culprit could be an accidental mode selected. Be sure it is not set to “fluff air“. If that is not the cause, lint build up usually is. Make sure to clean out the dryer trap after every load. There are even times when there is an invisible film on the lint trap. Pour water onto it. If the water pools up, your filter needs a cleaning. Using hot water and a kitchen brush, scrub it clean and towel dry. Be sure it is thoroughly dried before using.

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