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Preventive Maintenance Service Tips to Avoid Appliance Repairs & Extend the Life of Your Mini Refrigerator in San Antonio TX

The mini refrigerator is truly a gift from the gods. It is perfect for the dorm room, man cave or lady’s space. Garages are better equipped to handle the many hours spent over projects. It can be easily plugged in just about any room, and is so convenient. But like all else in our homes, if not properly cleaned and maintained, it could be forced into early retirement.

With that in mind, Texas Appliance Repair Service would like to offer you some maintenance tips and advice to extend the life of your mini fridge to better serve you for years to come.

– Periodically throw out the expired food. An easy way to do so is by either storing the perishables in clear containers to keep a watchful eye on any signs of it becoming inedible, or simply label the containers with either date prepared or date you believe it should be thrown out if not consumed.
– Cleaning time. It has been proven by the experts that it is not necessary to unplug or detach the fridge from its water source when it needs to be cleaned. The extra light inside the fridge can better assist you in the cleaning quest. To begin, remove all contents from the fridge. Dismantle shelves, department covers and drawers where applicable and allow them to soak in warm, soapy water. As the removable pieces are in their luxurious bath, begin cleaning the fridge, make sure to remove all crusties, goopies and grossies. Once all the debris is removed; sanitize. The Lysol cleaning sprays are a good way to disinfect and eliminate germs. Dish soap liquid and distilled water works well too. Sponge the mixture onto the surface areas and ensure everything is wiped away clean. Dry with a clean rag or cloth to prevent any lingering residue.
– If there are any lingering odors, quarter a lemon wedges and place them into the back of various departments.
– Scrub down the removable shelves, drawers and cover, dry and replace.
– Restock the fridge!
– Be sure to clean the coils in the back using a vacuum hose and the brush attachments. Do so gently. Use enough pressure to suck down the dust and debris, but not too much force as to disrupt any exterior parts.

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