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Home Kitchen Ventilation in Round Rock, TX; Downdraft Vent, Ducted or Ductless Range Hood Etc

Have you ever been in your kitchen baking a tray of cookies and you just forgot all about them? When you pull the oven open there will be a plume of smoke pouring out of the oven. You also may have been frying a piece of food and there is smoke rolling up from the oil or butter that you are using. There were times that cooking in your house meant that there was smoke and odor left for some time. Now that your home has to be built to code there are ways to prevent this from happening. It is called ventilation and it is needed to keep your house from filling with smoke. You want to make sure that you know what type of ventilation you have and if you are adding ventilation, there are a few options.

Importance of Ventilation in Kitchen

If you have ever had a dinner that did not go according to plan it can lead to your house being full of smoke. This can be from cooking on your stovetop and letting food or oil overcook and letting it burn. It can be from your oven when you let a item cook on too hot of a temperature and this will cause burning to occur and that leads to smoke. You can also place something in the microwave that should be set for a short amount of time and you let it too long you can cause smoke to form. The existence of smoke in the house can lead to many problems including trouble with breathing. It can affect any and all ages of people even if you do not have any problems with asthma and allergies. It can also cause damage to your home when the smoke is left to reach the ceiling. The smoke can cause staining that will have to be cleaned as well as some repairs may need to be made. That is why you want to have proper ventilation on your house.

Downdraft Vent

If you have a cooktop that does not have anything above it such as on an island then you may have a downdraft unit. The downdraft is a way to allow ventilation in an area that does not have the space to add an overhanging unit. The downdraft will have a vent that is placed behind the burners and will be able to collect the smoke and odor from the stovetop. It can pull anything in the air that reaches up to ten inches above the surface. These types of ventilation are not as efficient as some other options that you have.

Ducted or Ductless Range Hood

The more common option that you have when you are choosing ventilation is to have a hood fan that hangs over the stove or cooktop. This will use an updraft to pull the air into the vent and then through a system that will send the air out of the house. You can have a hood that is stylized to add to the homes d├ęcor while being very efficient in reducing the smells and odors in the kitchen.


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