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Heating Troubleshooting in Plugerville, TX; Furnace Not Igniting, Turns On but No Heat & More

One of the comforts you have in the cold winter months is to come home and enter a warm house. The house should be warmed up and ready to heat you up after a long cold day. The furnace should be taken care of and inspected before you start using it. The problem is that the furnace has sat for many months while it was not being used and that means that you cannot be sure what is wrong with it. The pre-inspection is something that can help to identify and repair any problems with the furnace before you start using it. That does not mean that the furnace will not have problems in the winter months. That is why it is important to know what to look for so that you can call out an HVAC technician when necessary. There are signs that tell you that your furnace is in need of attention and if you avoid them the problem can get worse.

Texas Appliance Repair Service Offers Tips for Turning on Furnace Heater After a Long Time

Yellow or Orange Color Pilot Light: You might be thinking what you need to know about a flame. A flame is something that is either there or it is not. That is just not true when it comes to a pilot light. If you have a gas furnace you want to make sure you have a nice healthy pilot light under the unit. The flame is being fed by a small amount of gas that is being released. This then allows the gas to ignite when it starts to send heat through the house. The pilot light should be a bright blue flame and any other color is a problem. The blue flame means that it is heated to the right temperatures and that there is enough gas to help to ignite the unit when it is needed. When you start to see orange and yellow you want to make sure that you have your furnace repaired right away to avoid any dangers.
Furnace Making Loud Noise: The next thing that is easier to identify is the sounds that are coming out of the furnace. It should be seamlessly running without causing much distraction. This is how it has been manufactured and if you are hearing noises it can mean a problem. You want to listen for any new changes in sound that include banging, squealing and whining to name a few. When you hear these sounds it can mean that there is belt or a part that is loose or broken. It is important to have these repaired before the problem gets worse.
Uneven Heating: The next problem that can be identified is if you are not getting an even amount of heat in the house. The furnace should be working to get the whole house up to a particular temperature that you choose. If it is not able to do that there could be a problem with the unit. The only way to identify what is causing this problem is to call out a professional. For your own comfort it is important to do it right away.


Texas Appliance Repair Service can come out and make the necessary repairs to your furnace this winter. Call us today to have a technician sent to your home.

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