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Deep Chest Freezer Appliance Repair in Cedar Park TX; Not Turning On, Temperature Issues, Not Freezing & Frost Build Up

A deep freezer is an excellent appliance to have in your home as it provides you with a great deal more freezer space, where you can store all types of meat, freezer foods and other items you wish to keep frozen until time of use. Many homeowners find a deep freeze is helpful when there is no longer room in their freezer that is attached to the refrigerator. Big bulky items like tubs of ice cream and boxes of frozen waffles can easily be stored in your deep freeze while freeing up space in your other freezer for smaller items.

Deep Freezer Not Turning On

A deep freeze, like all other appliances can run into some difficulties if it is not properly cared for and maintained. Most home owners come across the same issues when dealing with a faulty deep freezer, so take note of these common issues and maybe you will find them to be helpful when trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with your deep freezer. The number one issue that occurs with deep freezers is that it is not turning on. This is most commonly and almost always a power issue. Make sure that your freezer is properly plugged in, that the electrical outlet is not faulty and that all of the wiring is in good working condition.

Deep Freezer Temperature Issues; Not Freezing

Another common complaint that home owners have when it comes to their deep freezer is that it isn’t freezing the food that is inside. The first step to take when this happens is to turn down the thermostat to a colder temperature. If turning down the thermostat doesn’t work, try checking the defrost timer. If there is a break in the freezer’s wiring, then the freezer will simply not work. You need to check each wire with a meter to see if there is continuity. If there is continuity, then the wire is fine and the issue is somewhere else.

Frost Build Up in Deep Freezer

Frost build up is another complaint about deep freezers that are not working properly. Frost build up is a strong indicator that there is a problem with the self defrosts system. Self defrost freezers are supposed to defrost themselves, every six to twelve hours they turn off the compressor for a few minutes. A defrost heater then turns on to melt any frost buildup on the coils, which allows the ice to melt.

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