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Basic Dishwasher Maintenance in Rollingwood, TX; Detergent, Temperature, Pre Rinse & More

There are a number of appliances in our homes we have come to depend on that we often take for granted. When most of the appliances no longer perform the way they are designed to, or cease to function altogether, it can really throw us off our routines and have unfortunate impacts on our lives. If any of these appliances take a dive past their warranty, then many homeowners really start to panic. Most appliances are not cheap, some can even be unaffordable to replace during times in our lives. To ensure our appliances are there when we need them, care and maintenance are recommended, but with use, the wear and tear eventually calls for that appliance to receive some attention from a knowing professional.

Home Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

In an effort to keep your dishwasher running efficiently, with minimal repairs and to the extent of its lifespan and maybe even more, we at Texas Appliance Repair of Austin, Texas would like to share some maintenance tips for your dishwasher.
1) Dishwashing detergent. Where this may seem obvious and basic, choosing the correct dishwashing detergent is important. Where others may not think dishwasher, detergent can make a difference, some can impact your dishwasher. The dishwasher can have different parts start to erode with detergent that causes your unit to have excessive suds, or even leaks. Make sure you are using the correct quantities, because too much can cause your dishes to look cloudy after long term exposure. Consult your manual to make sure there isn’t a specific detergent.
2) Temperature. Temperature is an important attribute to the care of the dishwasher. It should never exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit or fall below 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the temperature setting on the dishwasher and the hot water heater. If the hot water reaches the kitchen last, take the time to rinse and pre-scrape your dishes in hot water before turning on your dishwasher. This can help warm up the dishwasher before the initial cycle starts up.
3) Pre-rinse. Additionally, even the dishwashers claiming to be more elite and can handle dishes not pre-rinsed should. The dishwasher will be subject to particle buildup over time, which will contribute to issues later requiring repairs.
4) Clean the dishwasher. The dishwasher should be routinely cleaned. Cleaning the interior of your dishwasher once a month can maintain the performance. You will be amazed of the debris that builds up in a months’ time. Food particles, dish fragments, and other foreign contaminates along with your toddler’s toys can be floating at the bottom. Wipe at the junk at film at the bottom. Feel for the reservoir cover, where the water drains and remove it. Clear out the chunks and other debris. This can be pretty nauseating, we recommend wearing gloves. Give the fine filter a cleaning and rinsed. Replace the parts and run a cycle through with dishes.

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Maintenance helps keep the dishwasher running well, but wear still occurs and when your dishwasher requires repairs, call the expert technicians of Texas Appliance Repair of Austin, Texas and we will get your dishwasher running back to its full potential.

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